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Showcasing Local Art & Planning Community Building Art-rich Events

Showcasing Local Art & Planning Community Building Art-rich Events

Showcasing Local Art & Planning Community Building Art-rich EventsShowcasing Local Art & Planning Community Building Art-rich Events

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Art EverySpace is committed to enriching the experience of communities living and working in properties through the Art EverySpace Program. An innovative approach that brings contemporary art, by emerging and mid-career artists, to non-traditional exhibition spaces. Displaying amazing local art with the goals of promoting artists, expanding the audience for art, and creating a more interesting, welcoming, relaxing environment for building occupants, residents, and guests.

Local Cleveland Art Community



Art EverySpace’s position within the visual arts sector is unique. Art EverySpace sits within the sector as a support program, intersecting and connecting, both the non-commercial and commercial galleries. Art EverySpace has similarities with other collecting institutions in terms of how it undertakes aspects of business-the difference is why we collect artwork for the collection and how we engage and promote art to stakeholders, clients, as well as the broader public. For the broader community, Art EverySpace makes Cleveland's contemporary art accessible in ways which other collecting institutions cannot. 


The Cleveland Collection

 With Art EverySpace, we curate and display local artworks  in workplaces and public spaces which are unique. With the Cleveland Collection,  the broader community has direct access to some of the best contemporary art from this region. Work which reflects the diversity, history and culture of the city we love! Our approach allows a more personal and comfortable, accessible type of engagement with art, unlike attending any gallery or museum exhibition. It embeds an appreciation of contemporary art and design as something which can enhance our lives, speak to us about culture and tell our Cleveland stories. Through planning events to connect the artists with community, a deeper connection is created to the work, helping break down barriers while also stimulating the local economy. We advocate for a more inclusive and diverse portrait of Cleveland celebrating our civic pride where people live, work and gather! 


Quality people combining their expertise to create an unparalleled experience!

 Art EverySpace  was founded in 2019 by five partners, Bruce Checefsky, Christy Gray, Hilary Lyon, Liz Maugans and Sean Watterson. The partners all have diverse backgrounds and experience from curatorial, arts non-profit, business, art consultancy, and development sectors.   


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