Why collect original local art?

Confident Assurance by Hilary Gent | Local Original Art & Local Art in Cleveland, OH
Confident Assurance by Hilary Gent

Above Image: Art EverySpace is excited to include so many great artists from around Cleveland in both the City Council’s permanent collection and in the inaugural gallery celebrating artists and their work from across the city. Confident Assurance (above) by Hilary Gent is one of the many pieces included in the collection, an installation set for this summer.

Art collectors are motivated for many different reasons, the factors are especially revealing when looking at art collecting on a local scale. Artwork can reflect the heart of the local arts and culture scene of a city, and what makes a city unique. Art is a form of expression which naturally creates bonds through expression and finding similarities and shared passions. This past year and the pandemic have given us an opportunity to reflect and reevaluate what is important, and the community rises to the top. What we hold valuable and important has also transformed, however that which brings us together remains constant. Emotion, expression, creativity, innovation, passion, poetry, color, and art continue to be the fabric of what ties us together, and where we find similarities and common ground. 

  1. for pleasure – often we hold back our emotions, or don’t allow ourselves to relinquish in the moment, art gives us the permission to be introspective, to go inside our hearts and feel the emotion and enjoy the senses 
  2. to preserve history – and there’s no time like the present, especially in the time of a global pandemic, we are starting to understand and appreciate history in a different way as what we hold important shifts 
  3. connect to the artist – the artist brings their work to life and makes it more meaningful and memorable to the viewer or art enthusiast. Perhaps the imagery or piece connects to the viewer by tapping into their memories or reminding them of something in their life. 
  4. be inspired – artwork can wake up the senses and certain imagery or processes may excite us or make us feel something through the mental stimulation which may spark creativity
  5. to reveal personality or personal sense or style – Some collectors may favor a certain style or specific artists, or they may obtain work from various artists to express or complement different sides of their personality

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