Shop local for the Holidays – buy amazing local art

The Gallery at The East End in Akron, Ohio ( features amazing local art from very talented artists at affordable prices – Schedule a tour and get your holiday shopping done while supporting the local economy! 

Feel good about shopping this year by supporting the local economy. One of the most important reasons to keep your money in the local economy is to support our community. Without local citizen support, the art produced locally would cease to make the impact which is possible. Once artists are able to express themselves creatively and freely, beautiful art is made that can be admired by the community….and the world. 

These fabulous works of art are very unique and creative gifts. They are great solutions for the person who is difficult to shop for who may have everything. Plus all of the pieces are original and so they are more meaningful. 

Your purchases have an immediate impact on the local economy while also supporting local arts and culture. But they also have a more far-reaching effect that many people don’t think about….it is an opportunity for future growth. Through a strong local arts scene, there is the potential to attract and retain residents contributing to a thriving metropolis. 

Picture these amazing pieces on your walls (or for a friend or family’s walls) – contact us ( to set up a time to see all of the work in the gallery, and complete or work on your holiday shopping. 

Fabulous Art by Dragana Crnjak
Fabulous Art by Dragana Crnjak

Art by the talented Isabel Farnsworth
Art by the talented Isabel Farnsworth

Amazing Art by Mike Gable
Amazing Art by Mike Gable

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