Art Selection + Space Planning

We believe culturally-based community experiences transform the everyday and inspire people to become more engaged with their surroundings and each other. As a result we offer space planning, design, and art selection services. We partner with you from planning/coordination through art installation, successfully managing every detail of your project from start to finish.

Our Space Planning Design + Art Selection Process

  1. Individualized Care and Service tailored to your goals, NCIDQ certified 
  2. Walkthrough of the Space
  3. Space Planning + Art Selection 
  4. Presentation, Revisions, and Art Selection Finalization
  5. Purchase + Install the Art Collection
  6. Activate through receptions + art-rich programming 

Individualized Care + Service

We never want you to feel confused, or uneasy in any part of the process. Our team of award-winning, seasoned professionals will work with you from start to finish. We will conduct visioning sessions to better understand the space, your goals, and your needs.

Tour Your Space

Before beginning art selection, we will do a walkthrough of your property and review the floor plans. Allowing us to see the design and aesthetics and where artwork will enhance your building. We will start considering local artists that may complement your style, the environment, and its design. The walkthrough is a great opportunity to discuss your vision while getting a feel for the space, its inhabitants, and your culture.

Artistic Space Planning + Art Selection

 Using the floor plans of your space, after the tour, we will begin space planning and art selection. We will start to brainstorm the artwork which best complements your vision, goals, and needs. Then we will pull together our suggestions for possible art including pricing. Using our network, expertise, and creativity, we can help to create a vision for your space using local artists matching the design, style, and aesthetics of your project. Art is also a huge opportunity to reinforce your brand, identity and strengthen your culture and community.

Presenting Our Art Selections

 Once we have solidified our ideas, we will present the art selections and space planning design to you. After receiving impressions, we will modify and work with you to make revisions. Once all of the suggested art has your approval, we will finalize the art collection for your building or space.  

Purchase and Install the Art Selections

 In the early phases of the project, we will work with you to identify the best date for installation and schedule for professional installation. Your property and walls are very important to us, and we will ensure complete safety without damage. Once we have finalized the selection for each piece of work in the collection, we will purchase or reserve the approved local art. After we have all of the artwork, we will then have the collection professionally installed. 

Activate through Opening Receptions + Art-rich Programming

 We love throwing parties and are quite good at bringing people together. Once the art is installed, we can celebrate the new collection with an informal opening reception. It is a great way to reinforce your culture and strengthen the community. Or perhaps you want to have a celebration that is more public and signals an investment in local economic development through arts + culture. An opportunity to invite clients, guests, and visitors into your space, for additional exposure and brand promotion.  

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