Local + National Custom Art Curation

Art EverySpace is a Cleveland-based organization that can operate anywhere in the USA. Whether you’re in Ohio or California, we will customize the space to exceed your vision by collaborating with local artists in your area. 

We offer an extensive network and knowledge of the arts to find you authentic, meaningful pieces that will connect your community and meet your needs. No matter where your commercial building or office is, we will take the time to immerse ourselves within your local scene and leverage our resources and connections.  

Advantages of our Custom Art Curating Services

  • Flexibility, innovation + exploration 
  • Partnership to collaborate on a customized approach  
  • Support your Local Community  
  • Strengthen the local arts scene with Honesty, Integrity + Transparency 
Custom art curation services in Cleveland, Ohio

Flexibility, Innovation, Exploration

The benefit of Art EverySpace is that our enthusiastic and experienced team of art curators is willing to go the extra step to provide excellent art. We are willing to explore, create, and innovate. The success of our projects is predicated on developing authentic relationships with our clients and local artists

Supporting Your Local Community

Our goals are to support and strengthen the community – wherever that may be. As seasoned art curators, we have extensive experience collaborating with local artists around the country and executing successful, memorable events.   

Our methodology of utilizing local artists allows us to help advocate for and bring awareness to the local artists of your community, drive economic growth, and stimulate the arts scene.  

art curation experts in Cleveland, Ohio
Custom art curation in Cleveland, Ohio

Honesty, Integrity + Transparency in Art Curation

Art plays a vital role in every community. Whether it’s bringing people together, introducing new ideas, or conveying a message, art evokes emotion, presents new ideas, provides clarity, and sparks conversations. Art EverySpace works, advises, and consults with integrity, passion, and equity.

Our vision is to use our art curation skills to inspire connection within communities by coupling local art + experiences.

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