Placemaking through inspiring,
thoughtful local art to enhance project
design and aesthetics


Turnkey Art Services

Discover expert and personalized turnkey art services with Art EverySpace. Our team of experienced professionals will partner with you and your organization to transform your space and develop enriched culturally-based, community experiences. LEARN MORE

One-On-One Art Programming and Consulting Services

Our unique art consultation process of exploration and discovery allows us to understand your needs. Allowing us to collaborate to develop a successful strategy, and leverage our extensive network of exemplary artists. We use art to complement the aesthetic and design of the building. LEARN MORE

Art Selection + Space Planning

We offer space planning, design, and art selection services. We partner with you from planning/coordination through art installation, successfully managing every detail of your project from start to finish. LEARN MORE

Local + National Custom Art Curation

Art EverySpace is a Cleveland-based organization that can operate anywhere in the USA. Whether you’re in Ohio or California, we will customize the space to exceed your vision by collaborating with local artists in your area. LEARN MORE

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